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  • Schedule A Tour/Choose Your Weeks: If you're a returning camper or you know our camp is right for you, you can schedule your summer camp sessions.
  • Pay Your Deposit: Once they arrive at our school, your child will change into their official martial arts uniform and take a REAL karate class. They'll focus on self-defense, balance, flexibility and character development skills they'll use for life.
  • Snack: After their Martial Arts class, they'll eat a snack consisting of mostly whole foods - fruits, veggies, etc. with very few processed choices. We also accommodate many different allergy needs.
  • Pick-Up: Parents can pick up as late as 6:00pm at no extra charge.
bored kid

Summer Boredom Blues?

With kids out of school for the summer months, keeping them entertained can be a challenge. Kids look forward to Summer, but this doesn't always mean that they get what they want. Problems range from boredom to all-day-video-game-syndrome.

Especially as kids get older, keeping them on the right track during the summer isn't always easy. Parents know just how challenging it can be juggling household responsibilities and work is difficult enough during the school year.

The kids' extra down time in the summer can cause a new level of stress.

Finding a safe and reliable summer camp program can be a difficult task for parents.

It's not always easy to find a well-rounded program that keeps kids active and engaged, while remaining attentive to safety.



Each week we will focus on different themes with coordinating character development lessons. These life challenges will be used in the karate classes and theme activities.

break boards

Break Boards

learn martial arts moves

Learn Martial Arts Moves

Practice Focus Strategies

Practice Focus Strategies

Lack of Follow Through or Perseverance: It’s really hard for a child to see past the “now” and keep at something consistently. And when they think they’re in “summer” mode, it’s like they don’t want to do anything they’re supposed to.

No Motivation: It’s really hard to be a kid and have people telling you all day what to do. Some kids just shut down and lose their sense of personal motivation, especially in the summer.

Low Fitness Levels: Childhood obesity isn’t just a new buzzword. When iPads and Phones are a dime a dozen, getting kids to get off the couch and move is a real challenge. Just thinking about your child wasting away in front of a screen can keep a parent up at night.


Kids don’t really go along with the whole “children should be seen, not heard” thing. They want to participate, contribute, and be accepted. But it’s not always a kid-friendly world, even places that claim to be focused on children's’ well being-like school, daycares, summer camps, etc. want kids to be quiet, not ask questions, and not make waves. Even most martial arts schools operate from this well-meaning (but *really* flawed) mentality.

Instead, we'll treat your child like they matter, like they're worthy of respect. We don't treat them like adults or let them run free, but we do things like give them information and then the opportunity to make their own choices and decisions based on that information (so that when they succeed they know it was THEIR success, and if they fail, they'll be able to take responsibility and try again).


This kind of "guided respect" helps to show your child how THEY should treat OTHERS. If kids are always getting yelled at, told their ideas aren't important and not allowed to make decisions for themselves ... why would we expect them to treat others any differently?

The point is, we know deep down that every child is a really cool, really important person, and we'll help empower your child so that they move through their lives with a level of confidence that will inspire others.


A high-energy, exciting summer camp program where your child will be safe, have fun and learn new things every week, PLUS learn life changing character development skills? Sounds too good to be true, I know. But think about it ... a kid’s “natural” state is seeking out fun, so if we get them to that state, it becomes EASY to instill life skills that they'll take out of summer camp and apply to the rest of their lives.

They’ll become more focused, confident, and disciplined… and they’ll love every second of it!


All children MUST have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian in order to participate.

Lack of Variety

Lack of Variety:

Your child deserves more than the same thing over and over.

They need camps that offer a wide variety of activities so that they’re always excited and looking forward to each day.


Learning Just...Stops?

Just because your child isn’t in school doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be learning. They deserve to learn, engage, and expanding their minds during the summer months.

We started our 3 kids and ourselves about 3 months ago, each for their own distinct reason. I have watched my kids grow in confidence and self control in that short amount of time, and know that it will continue. The Franks and their staff are wonderful instructors and people, reaching everyone in their own space. We have grown into this community, and I foresee us remaining part of it for years to come. The kids are participating in their first tournament today, of their own insistence. For one, her confidence was shaky at best when she started at ATA. Today she is excited, and prepared. The ATA team should be proud of their ability to reach and guide their students.

Emily Callow Whaley

Harford County

Great program for all ages! My three children attend and I have seen such a transition in their confidence and academics. They provide a positive yet structured  approach when training and it really works! My children are motivated and excited to go to class each day they train. They look forward to earning their next belt and enjoy the challenges set forth by the instructors. The afterschool program has been great for my two younger children. I know they are in a safe and caring environment that also sets expectations for them to complete their homework. I’m so thankful to have found such a great program!

Ginyse Braddy

Harford County

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, no. I know it seems counterintuitive, but the reality is that because our martial arts students like the physical portion of our classes (the kicking, punching, blocking, pushups and everything else) SO much, they're willing to listen and apply the character development portions (patience, control, thinking before acting, etc). It really does work. Our students don't WANT to use their martial arts moves outside of the class, because they don't want to disappoint us as instructors. You really have to see it to believe it.

Just like our physical curriculum works to improve your child's fitness, flexibility and strength, our character development curriculum improves your child's life skills. We have a summer character development curriculum that rotates through really important subjects like respect, discipline, focus, patience, acceptance, kindness, compassion and more. It's really cool, and all of our counselors feel lucky every day to be able to pass these skills on to a younger generation.

Every minute of our day is meticulously planned by our veteran team members. Campers get a variety of fitness drills, arts & crafts, games, team building exercises, leadership training, and real martial arts classes.

We have multiple weeks of camp across the entire summer (enter your email on this page to see the complete schedule). Many families register for every week because they know their child will love it. We offer discounts for multiple weeks. Other families don't need care all summer and just register for a few.