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After School Program

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ATA Martial Arts of Maryland will help your child build the skills they need to become confident, capable adolescents.


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Grades K-8

After School Program

You have to work, and your child has to go somewhere after school!

But you also want to trust that your child remains engaged and heard. We don't believe in the impersonal, pack-em-in-like-cattle approach you sometimes hear about. Every child deserves individual attention to help them overcome challenges and reach their goals. Without it, parents start to see the following issues:

  • Lack of Engagement: They “just don’t care” about what parents and authority figures ask them to do. Adults start to see this as defiance – it’s NOT! They just need someone who cares enough to connect with them on their level.
  • Trouble in School: After school programs are often where kids complete some of their homework. But in that environment, it’s extremely challenging for them to focus. They need specialized after school teachers committed to their scholastic success.

  • Excessive Energy: Your child sits for 6 hours at school and probably doesn’t want to for another 3-4 hours when the bell rings and they’re free. Your child deserves to look forward to a fun after school enrichment program! The activities we have are about harnessing your child’s potential and focusing their excess energy rather than letting them “run around” which only gives them MORE energy (for you to deal with at home).
  • Health Problems: Most parents aren’t happy with public school food standards. Feeding your child the cheapest possible processed foods for after school snacks is unacceptable. They need healthy, whole foods to power their minds and bodies.
  • No Time for Other Activities: If you’re working until 5:00, 5:30 or even 6:00pm, when is your child supposed to do all of those fun kid activities that they want to do? By the time you pick them up from After Care, shouldn’t it be family time? They should do activities they love before you pick them up.
  • Low Fitness Levels: Childhood obesity isn’t just a new buzzword. When iPads and phones are a dime a dozen, getting kids to get off the couch and move is a real challenge. We could just throw a TV on the wall and put a video game controller in your child’s hand and call it a day. Your child needs fun, engaging physical activity that will keep them healthy for life.

We Don't Change Your Child

Our martial arts classes take your child’s natural disposition into account. Instead of working to "fix" them (to change who they are), we work WITH their natural physical and emotional energy, enhancing their strengths and working to shore up their weaknesses. Now, of course kids need rules, boundaries and limitations. We enforce these necessities with kind, assertive leadership exercised in a fun, high-energy environment, so that kids are excited to be there. 

If we want children to be compassionate, polite, patient and calm, we have to set the example by treating them that way!

We Bring Out Their Best

So yes, we have rules (and they’re important). Our classes are far from your average run-around-screaming, coach-pulling-his-hair-out, free-for-all kid’s activity. You’ll immediately see your child enveloped in a culture of excellence, a place where we expect the best out of our students. This actually makes it EASIER for your child to reach the kind of goals we all want.

When they step onto the mat they’ll be surrounded by other children who are on the same path of excellence, and that’s more helpful than you can imagine.

Your Child Will Strive For Excellence

A high-energy, exciting after school program where your child will pay attention, follow the rules and try their best? Sounds too good to be true, I know. Think about it … a kid’s “natural” state is seeking out fun, so if we get them to that state, it becomes EASY to instill life-changing character development skills that they'll take off of the mat and apply to the rest of their lives.

They’ll become more focused, confident, and disciplined, and they’ll love every second of it.

You Don't Have To Settle

Our transported after school program students get:

  • Increased Confidence: Confidence, especially in our martial arts classes, is the difference between what a child can actually do vs. what they think they can do. You’ll see them grow more and more confident, and confront new challenges both inside and outside of our school with a sense of drive and purpose.
  • The Ability to Defend Themselves Mentally, Emotionally AND Physically: If they ever need it, your child will absolutely be able to defend themselves physically. But far more importantly, they’ll be able to fend off the mental onslaught of peer pressure and the emotional weight of bullying and unkind behavior. These are things they’ll desperately need as they grow older.
  • Soaring Self-Esteem: The most important thing your child will get in our classes is a tremendously positive sense of self. They’ll be able to objectively recognize things they need to improve (homework, family interaction, physical effort) without feeling hopeless, and they’ll take pride in the things they get right without discounting or minimizing their achievements. This will be invaluable for them as adults.
  • An Appreciation for Exercise: If you want kids to stay healthy, they have to enjoy their exercise. Our classes are so much fun, your child will beg to come. They’ll actually love doing pushups, jumping jacks and crunches. They’ll take pride in their improved flexibility and stamina, and they’ll leave class everyday sweating and smiling.

Great, So How Does It Work?

  • School pickup: Our professional, background-checked drivers pick your children up in our company vehicles, and bring them safely to our facility (list of schools below)
  • Martial Arts Classes: Once they arrive at our school, your child will change into their official martial arts uniform and take a REAL karate class. They'll focus on self-defense, balance, flexibility and character development skills they'll use for life.
  • Snack: After their martial arts class, they'll eat a snack consisting of mostly whole foods - fruits, veggies, etc. with very few processed choices. We also accommodate many different allergy needs.
  • Homework: After snack your child will start their homework - which means they'll have very little, if any, to do at home! Most parents really love this. Plus, our after school program staff members are available to help your child with their homework if needed.
  • Pick-Up: Parents can pick up as late as 6:30pm at no extra charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer part-time or just full-time?
    We offer part-time care (1, 2 or 3 days a week on either a flex or fixed schedule) and full-time care for 4 or 5 days a week.
  • If we like it, how does the signing up work?
    If you're ready to sign up, a small deposit will save your space in the program. The deposit will be applied to your first tuition payment.
  • Can I come watch their martial arts class?
    Absolutely! Your child's pickup schedule will determine their class time. If you're able to, you're welcome to come watch them during their class.
  • How much does the program cost?
    Pricing starts at $69/week - competitive with other after school programs, but with added benefits such as martial arts classes that develop life skills.


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After School Program